Yamaha Wins Again

Yesterday we reported that Yamaha had launched the muscular scoot Ray Z and previousy, we had also reported about Yamaha Ray winning India Design Mark Award 2013. It appears Yamaha is all set to be a winner in the scooter segment, just like Hamara BAJAJ ruled the scooter market decades ago! When all pervasive opinion was that there would be no more potential left scooter market, thanks to Honda, for now leading the race with their much loved Honda scooters, it is proved that India has still left with some potential in scooter segment!

Bajaj perceived that India has better market for bikes compared to scooters and as a policy stopped manufacturing scooters. But the vacated space thereafter was cleverly and efficiently occupied by the other manufacturers like TVS, Honda and Suzuki by introducing new revolutionary scooter models. However there are many new entrants too like Yamaha, Mahindra etc. and they all are doing quite well, in particular Yamaha, which is doing very well in the scooter segment; its first scoot Yamaha Ray, which was more liked as a ladies scoot, was received with open arms by customers.

Yamaha recently announced that they have sold 70,000 units of RAY since the time it was launched i.e. from September last year. This means that the company has sold around 8800 scoots per month. This is quite a number considering RAY has only ladies as its customers. To make their portfolio of scooters better the company launched their new muscular scooter Ray Z which is promoted as unisex scooter.

Yamaha, with their new launch, is confident that the sales chart will point north, as their new product becomes a bigger hit among the consumers. We too wish you all the best Yamaha. We hope to see more new sportier scooters from you in future.

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