YAMAHA – The Indian!

Is it made in India? Yes that’s what people will stress for when they buy any product. Indians are going global and so are the products that are produced here. In that way Yamaha is one of the iconic company that is making India proud. Yamaha has recently announced that India will be one of their four regional procuring centers from where the products will be manufactured. The other three regional centers are Japan, China and ASEAN.

Now, Yamaha is considering India as a Hub from where it can make all the important decisions that would be important for the company’s growth. In this context, we now see ‘Made in India’ products being sold in European markets as well as other international market where there is demand for these products.


Why is Yamaha considering India as a hub? Is it because of the low manufacturing cost while maintaining quality standards? Yes, that is one reasons for Yamaha to consider this option and by using this advantage the idea is to develop sporty and stylish models from India that can be sold in European and Asian markets.

Indian market has always been very important for Yamaha. The company’s Indian wing, ‘India Yamaha Motor’ (IYM) sold a whopping 4.9 lakh units which includes 1.5 lakh units exclusively made for overseas market. Not only that the company is eyeing a 10% market share in India before 2017.

The company is planning to produce only commuter bikes and other bikes with engine capacity of 100 to 200cc. The company foresee great prospects for these bikes in African market and is considering exporting these bikes from India to those markets. With the low cost bike, the company is surely going to change the world of bikes!

The very important thing on the company’s check list is to focus on making more new quality driven products for the domestic as well as international markets. In order to increase their sales figures, the company has announced that it would launch minimum of two to three products in India across all the segments that the company has hands in.

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