Yamaha R15 ownership review by Praveen D S!


Hello readers. My name is Praveen. I am 23 years old and a software engineer. Currently, I am working for an IT firm in Mangalore, India. The first time I rode a bike (it was a yammy RX100) was in 8th Grade. Two months back, my R1(5) was delivered to me and ever since I’m in love with this baby. Nearly 2000kms on R15 past months, the experience has been just “awesome”.

Prior to buying R15, I used to  ride a Bajaj pulsar 150 DTS-I and it is a good bike in its segment. Of course, you can’t compare R15 and a pulsar 150, even if they’ve got the same displacement. R15 comes under a totally different segment of two wheelers. It is an affordable “sports bike” (in Indian sense at least). I totally agree that when I first made up my mind to go for it, I had a thought in my mind that it must be a something more powerful (when it comes to pickup). Anyways, I would really say that its far more better than any other Indian Bike in the market and I’m telling this after having used both Karizma and Pulsar (which are selling in good numbers as well).

It has also got the twin headlight which I think was the main attraction and with the true sport bike looks, the package was just awesome. Hero Honda Karizma, Bajaj Pulsar and even the new Honda CBR250 has a single headlight for which I think R15 is different from this bikes. The new R15 has comeup with a slightly different design (new stickers and all) which looks better than the old R15.

I have travelled straight from Mangalore to Gokarna, having only two pit stops in between. That’s about 200 Kms of nonstop riding at a speed of 70 to 80 on average and the engine never showed a single sign of overheating. Thanks to its Diasil cylinder (which has got 20% silicon in it ;)) and forged piston which keeps this babe cooler then rest of the bikes in India.

The bike gives a mileage of 40 kmpl on highways and 30-35 kmpl in City (it really depends on how you ride it though). I have taken this bike to around to 120 km/hr at times and it is rock solid even that those speeds. Handling is just awesome (even the word awesome is like underestimating it). It is not about how fast the bike goes. It is all about how well it handles at those speeds and in that department, R15 totally bags the prize. Most of the bikes in India start vibrating at speeds above 100, but R15 just has got really good grip, thanks to its Delta Box chassis. I do agree with the skepticism that people have regarding the narrow rear tire, but the tire is specially designed for the bike by MRF. The soft compound tires are designed to give 3 times more road grip than the normal tires. Don’t check the speed and pickup. Take this baby above 120 km/hr and you will forget about the price and comparisons. I would definitely suggest this bike any day to my best friend.

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