Yamaha India to develop cheapest bike for global markets


Yamaha, one of the biggest sports bike manufacturer, announced today that it is going to launch world’s cheapest two wheeler. This is a huge decision by the Japanese giant to produce bike for as less as 500 USD and has gained media attention all over the world. These ‘cheapest bikes’ will be produced from the fifth R&D set up by the company.
With companies like Yamaha coming up with such low cost bike, there is no second thought that India is soon going to be a global hub for production of low cost bikes. There are news that these bikes may be exported to other countries like Africa and Latin America where there is a huge demand for such bikes.

Yamaha has decided to launch the bike first in India. It is good to know that the company’s new research center, Yamaha Motor Research and Development India Pvt Ltd (YMRI), which was set up in Surajpur in U.P., India this February has already started working on this project.

To make consumers adapt to the company and to position itself in the Indian market, Yamaha has planned to launch a new two wheeler every year for three more years i.e. till 2016. Yamaha is also busy setting up another R&D Centre in Chennai, India, making it their second one in the country.

Today, at a press conference, the company’s official spokesperson conveyed that the company is aiming to produce price friendly and best quality bikes for Indian as well as foreign markets. YMRI Managing Director, Toshikazu Kobayashi, told reporters that the bike is expected to be priced around 500 USD. He also said that these bikes will be of 1oocc or more as “smaller bikes with smaller engines do not have good balance”.

Yamaha has not specified when exactly are they going to launch the bike, but they are indeed working on an Indian model to suit Indian pockets and roads. The company plans to introduce a global version of this bike at a later point in future.

Yamaha has already made a place for itself when it comes to sports bike segment and this move of theirs of producing the cheapest bike will make them conquer the commuter segment in a smart way. Producing the bike in India will save cost and thus they can price the product very competitively.
India Yamaha Motor [IYM] has achieved sales of 4.9 lakh in 2012, and now the company is expecting to achieve sales of 7.1 lakh units of two wheelers, which includes exports of 2.1 lakh units.

Yamaha plans to reach a target of 10 lakh units by 2015 and they will hit the bulls eye when they manage to sell 28 lakh units by 2018. It is very clear that the company has come to stay in the Indian market and win consumer’s heart.

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