Yamaha FZ-S refreshed, gets a new colour

FZ series has been one of the best sellers for Yamaha. Yamaha has slipped in a new color of FZ-S, the fiery orange, without much noise. The company has not made any announcement regarding this, but they have updated their website with the new color for the FZ-S. Along with the new color, there is something for FZ fans cherish too, as they have made some minor changes to the existing model.

With the introduction of new color for the FZ-S, now the customers have 4 color options – Black cyber green, Sunset red, competition white and the all new Fiery orange. Color options for the FZ16 remains the same with Lava red and Midnight black.

Minor modifications made to the FZ and FZ-S are:

Pillion seat: Customers have reported about the pillion seat lacking the comfort. Yamaha has elongated and widened the pillion seat to give a pillion rider bit more of comfort in the refreshed version.

Grab rail: Yamaha has come up with new grab rail for the FZ series bikes for better backrest.

Chain cover: Chain cover has been altered to cover the lower portion of the chain. This should help keep away the chain from dust.

Other than this, rest all specification remains the same including engine specification. We are not sure about the prices, though it seems like there might be zero impact on price tag.

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