Yamaha FZ-S Ownership Review by Navneet


Hello TorqueInduction readers. I’m Navneet Karnam from Bangalore and I’m here to share a few thoughts of my new bike, Yamaha Fz-S.

I bought this bike a month ago. I had actually ridden the same model several times before I bought one for myself.

When it was my turn to buy a bike for myself, I did a lot of research before buying one. I checked out many bikes such as Thunderbird, Honda Dazzler and Apache RTR 180. Mileage was one of the main concerns for me because of the recent hike in the petrol prices. I was amazed with the mileage that the Dazzler claimed to deliver (50kmpl). The bike looks good, but it somehow managed not to strike my fancy and I felt that I had to compromise on the looks and technology. I went ahead to book the Dazzler, but I was still bent towards Yamaha FZ-S because of its looks. I was also amazed by the performance which FZ-S delivered and Dazzler didn’t. Finally, I changed my mind and followed my heart and got the FZ-S.

The wide tires on this bike give great road grip and even though there is no rear disc brake, the braking performance is very good. I read that it can do a top whack of 130km/hr, though I’ve not done it yet. I didn’t feel any vibration at higher speed or acceleration as noticed in Apache RTR and Pulsar 150.

FZ’s handling is very well calibrated by Yamaha and with the mass concentrated in the centre, along with the fat tire and mono shocks make the FZ the best handler according to me. The fat rear tire sticks to the road and the suspension is quite soft. I was impressed by the monoshock which is so fine tuned that I enjoy banking in curves, which is a major concern in the Dazzler.

I’ve done about 400kms now and I’m getting a mileage of 38 in city, which is pretty good for this kind of performance. I hope to get a little bit more after the first service is done and 1000kms is completed.

I would agree with the tag line of Yamaha “The lord of the streets!!” because it suits this bike perfectly

“My head said HONDA and my heart said YAMAHA,

I feel I’ve done the right thing going with my heart!!


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