Video: New Yamaha caught on camera

Here’s a video of new R15 being tested on Greater Noida express way. The guy shooting the video seems to be more concentrating on the car doing 120kmph rather than the bike itself.

The bike seems to be cruising happily at those speeds and the ‘Yamaha’ & ‘R15’ decals have been taped. From what we’ve seen in past few spy pictures is that the R15 sticker has been either been blurred off or taped. We suspect if Yamaha themselves are hiring people to click what looks like staged spy shots, as done by major Hollywood production houses few days before releasing the movie and as a result, they get the much needed publicity without spending a penny.

We still don’t know if it’s an R15. Looking at the way Yamaha is testing the bike, it deserves something bigger than a 150cc engine. The bike may come with 200cc or 250cc engine and this is a speculation. There’s neither proof from pictures nor any official words. All the ‘spy pictures’ clicked until now have been listed here.

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