Vespa LX125 receives an upgrade

This news is special for those uncompromising Vespa fans who swear up to the brand without even blinking their eyes. We must say it is not without reason that the company has such a good fan following, because Vespa is considered the most stylish breed that has ever happened to the scooter industry. Vespa LX125 was the stylish scooter that was loved by many, but was bought by few considering the price, and there were a few buyers whose wishes came true of buying the stylish scooter.

There were suppositions about Vespa launching a revised version of their LX125. Now, the cat is out of the box as the new revised version of Vespa LX125 is christened Vespa VX. The super stylish scooter with some additions was showcased to some auto media houses in India. The scooter is fitted with disc brakes and that makes the new Vespa attain grip and stability on the road.


This new classy two wheeler is loaded with other features like: a new speedometer, longer pillion grab rails, MRF Zapper tyres, 200mm front disc brakes which was essential. The other option available which gives the scooter a facelift is optional beige color seats.
There are some other things that the company has changed. Earlier, Vespa was available in Black and maroon options also, but now they have discontinued these two classy colors and introduced bright pink and turquoise green. The reason for discontinuing black and maroon was attributed to ‘not much interest’! May be these days buyers love funky colors.

The new Vespa is fitted with a 125cc 10PS engine akin to Vespa LX125; the company is considering substituting the older Vespa with new improvised VX version, but as of now, the LX125 is still on sale in showrooms.

The prime question that arises in your mind as you read this is ‘ what’s the price?’, but to our disappointment the company has not yet given any inkling about the price. We foresee the company to announce the price during the official launch on 20th of June. Till then, we can guess that the scoot will be fairly priced. What are your guesses? Fill the comment form below and let us know.

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