TVS launches 110cc Jupiter

TVS, the southern Indian company that stole the hearts of thousands of young bikers in India, is ready to get back its lost position. Yes, the celebrated manufacturer is back with revenge and this time they actually mean it. Some years back, the company if not ruled, held an important position in the Indian biking scenario, but gradually the company lost interest and so did the customers. With TVS’s falling, India saw Honda rise.

TVS freshly launched their man-of-war 110cc automatic scooter, Jupiter. Venu Srinivasan the proud Chairman and Managing director on the occasion of launch assured the media and its followers that “Every quarter from now, you can expect there will be a new bike from TVS”. This assertion suggests that the company is now considering uplifting its portfolio with new bikes and upgrading the old ones. May be the company realized it a bit late that out of sight is out of mind, however better late than never.

As we all know, the biking sector is at a high point now and coming January, 2014 will be a year of performance bikes. With TVS announcing its comeback, we can expect an upgraded version of Scooty. We just hope that the new scooty comes with the company’s latest addition of body balance ‘technology’ with a dash of spices inherited from Wego and Jupiter.

The company, which is currently holding 13.5% of scooter market share, is struggling to increase it to around 16% and we just pray that the new Jupiter does the needful. But, with Yamaha and Honda around the fight won’t be an easy win for TVS.

TVS should speed up and line their products to compete with other manufacturers who are already leading the sector. The company claims that their previous product, a 125cc bike Pheonix, has already crossed 10,000 units. The company, however, did not say anything about development between them and their international partner, BMW. Apache fans have been waiting with their finger crossed expecting a higher displacement version for quite a long time.

We hope TVS comes bang on with new high powered two wheelers and with BMW partnership, we can expect some really soon.

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