TVS Apache RTR 220 for India?

We have seen RTR 160, RTR 180 and the latest one RTR 180 with ABS. What’s next?

TVS is planning to bring out the new version of Apache RTR with a bigger mill. At least that’s what the rumor says. If the rumors are to be believed, we may soon see Apache RTR 220 in the 2 wheeler market soon. It makes sense, provided lot of 250’s are launching from various manufacturers. Also, KTM Duke 200 is going to be launched in India in coming weeks.

Apache has brought success to TVS, and Apache being their flagship trademark, they can’t just stop themselves by launching the 180 version. It is quite predictable that TVS now wants to compete with Bajaj India in 200cc-220cc segment. Also, there is increase in demand for bikes of 200cc & above category in India. Some rumors hint that the new version will go for production from next month. We still don’t have any exact information about the production of this and rumors continue to be rumors until confirmed by the company itself.

About the design, yeah, even we are a bit bugged up with Apache’s same old design for all RTR series bikes. Don’t you think they should come up with some good design so that they can give head on competition for other bikes manufacturers in India? Yeah, the current design looks great, but it is a bit old. The 220 RTR is expected to release with liquid cooling and full fairing, giving a sport bike look.

The bike is expected to be priced aboveĀ Rs. 95,000, which is quite less for 220cc category bike, provided it is a performer. This bike will have a potential to do true 150kmph and TVS is not bothered about mileage this time. Bike comes with 22bhp raw power. Bikers interested in converting fuel into adrenaline, this bike is for you but at current fuel prices, we hope TVS better take care about fuel efficiency.

There is a constant hike in petrol price from past nine months. We don’t think it will appeal massesĀ in India if the fuel efficiency is not reasonable. Will this bike be a hit? We let you be the judge in this case.

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