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The new Yammy is indeed an all new R15

Rumors and spy pictures of the new bike from Yamaha have been loafing around internet for a long time now. We’ve seen pictures and videos of bike doing test rides around Gurgaon. There haven’t

2011 Yamaha R15 Spied Third Time

The much anticipated 2011 Yamaha R15 has been spied, yet again. There’s no doubt about the existence of the bike and we hope Yamaha will be making it official. We received a spy image

RE Thunderbird 350 Review By Cartoonist Nikhil

Hello readers. I am Nikhil Pai (a.k.a. Cartoonist Nikhil Pai), a 20 years old student (and freelance illustrator) from Mangalore, India. Apart from my interest in cartooning, I am a major fan of bikes