Steelbird and MTV collaborate to bring new range of stylish gear

MTV, a brand that is synonym to youth, has now taken safety of youths in its own hands. The famous brand has joined hands with one of the best biking accessory manufacturer, Steelbird, to produce and co brand a cool range of peppy helmets in striking colors. MTV feels that the helmets which usually are boring should be upgraded and equipped to make a style statement. MTV thinks that young people should go out more often as they spend most of their time playing many online games in which sometimes they use elo boost services, or go online to learn how to play overwatch the best way possible.

These stylish helmets will be available for buyers at some major retail stores like Rajesh Auto Agency (Delhi) and PAN INDIA retail stores. If you don’t have access to these stores, don’t be disappointed, the availability of these products will slowly increase to 200 stores from 10 stores and these numbers excludes PAN INDIA showrooms which are the authorized two wheeler franchisee dealers.

Helmets have been advertised hugely as a safety gear by the government. This truly is very important when it comes to a rider’s safety, but with youngsters who love to stay apart from the crowd want helmets to project their personalities and not just be a boring safety gear. This is when MTV directly hit the bulls eye and planned, crafted and designed these helmets. These helmets which are available in the striking pink color also apart from other hip hop colors.

Mr. Shailendra Jain – Head (Sales & Marketing) had these words to say on the latest unveiling :

Adding this as one more category to its already existing vast range of product line up is an all new range of helmets that will be launched soon. This move is a gift for Biking passionate as they will be able to have a feel of an uncompromised biking experience with these sturdy helmets.

With these hues and designs, these helmets are sure to win over any biker’s heart.  The manufacturers feel these helmets will prove to be style statements just like shades are. Hope both the brands take this first step forward and produce some more fascinating riding gears in the future. So bikers, start collecting these precious headgears.

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