Spied: Next-gen 2012 Pulsar


We have all been about the new, 2012 Next-Gen Pulsar for a long time now, but Bajaj has managed to keep this a secret until now. Yes, for the first time ever, we’ve got visuals on the test mules of the new 2012 Pulsar.

The test mules were allegedly spotted near the Bajaj factory in Pune. The bikes are quite compact, and from what we see in the images, the crankcases of these bikes have KTM branding on them. By comparing the design lines of the test mules with KTM Duke’s design lines, we can be sure that the bikes in the photo aren’t KTM Duke 200 indeed. It’s quite possible then that the new line of Next-gen Pulsar will inherit the engines from KTM. The branding on the crankcase cover will be probably changed on the production models.

If our guesses turn true, the new 2012 Pulsar 200 will be boasting a power output of around 24bhp by making use of 4 valved liquid cooled 200cc engine from KTM.   Mr. Bajaj has already told us that there will be a lot of part sharing between Bajaj and KTM, and this could be it. If Bajaj prices this bike in par with the current generation Pulsar, we’re sure this bike will give the competition a run for their money.

Here’s what we noticed in the spy photos:

  • The shape of the tank is quite similar to that of the current generation.
  • Pulsar 135 LS style registration plate holder.
  • Split seats with rear seat positioned higher to give that sporty look.
  • Radiator for liquid cooling.
  • There are no upside down front forks like KTM Duke.
  • New 10 spoke alloy design for the wheels.
  • Regular drums at the rear.
  • Meaty rear tires.
  • Rectangular box swing-arm, like the one found of previous generation of R15.
  • Mono shock unit at the rear, first Pulsar to ever boast it.
  • Tail lamps seem to be inherited from current generation pulsars.
  • Sharper indicators like the one found on Pulsar 135LS.
  • Looks compact and sporty.
  • New trellis frame from KTM Duke?

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