Next-gen Yamaha R15 spied again

Yamaha India has been testing the latest iteration of R15 for many months now. We’ve seen numerous spy pictures of bike being road-tested and one picture was shot inside Yamaha’s R&D center. The bike

2011 Yamaha R15 Spied Third Time

The much anticipated 2011 Yamaha R15 has been spied, yet again. There’s no doubt about the existence of the bike and we hope Yamaha will be making it official. We received a spy image

2012 Yamaha R15 spied again

Few days ago, we had posted about the new R15 which looked like a face-lifted R15 to be due in the year 2011. We still don’t have any kind of confirmation whether it is

Yamaha R15 ownership review by Praveen D S!

[wide][/wide] Hello readers. My name is Praveen. I am 23 years old and a software engineer. Currently, I am working for an IT firm in Mangalore, India. The first time I rode a bike

Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 launched!

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Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 Limited Edition Unveiled

at the Auto Expo 2012, which apparently falls under the limited edition category. The price and demand for the any bike with ‘limited edition’ tag will always bit higher than the regular version and

More spy pictures of new Yamaha R15 emerges!

Rumors! Rumors! Rumors! This is what many bike enthusiasts used to say when spy pictures of new Yamaha R15 created the buzz. We have been constantly updating you with spy pictures of new 2012 2011 R15,

Yamaha R15 v2.0 updates

Yamaha R15 V2.0 will be officially launched on September 6th. In order to provoke curious fans, Yamaha has put up a teaser banner regarding the V2.0 on their official website. The banner reads “Experience