Info about Yamaha Ray Z

It was really a ‘Kando’ feeling for Yamaha as well as its customers. Before you are confused, Kando means a “simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement” in Japanese. To keep the Kando

Low cost bikes from Yamaha

Yamaha, the company that is famous for quality products like R15, V Max, R1 and not to forget the recent Ray, earlier expressed plans to produce low cost bikes. ‘Low cost bikes’! Well, as

Yamaha to open a new plant in Chennai

Yamaha, the Japanese two wheeler manufacturer, has recently opened a top-notch research and development center in India, and now the company is all set to open a two wheeler plant in Chennai, which will

Yamaha Cygnus Ray Precious Edition launched

Yamaha, the strong footed two wheeler manufacturer in India, is known to freshen up its products from time to time by giving its products cosmetic boost. The FZs and Fazer series are examples that

Yamaha Ray bags India Design Mark Award 2013

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Yamaha India to develop cheapest bike for global markets

hit the bulls eye when they manage to sell 28 lakh units by 2018. It is very clear that the company has come to stay in the Indian market and win consumer’s heart.

Yamaha Wins Again

will point north, as their new product becomes a bigger hit among the consumers. We too wish you all the best Yamaha. We hope to see more new sportier scooters from you in future.

Yamaha R125 ‘MOEGI’ Commuter concept

ced while weighting only 80Kgs, a whole 60Kgs of weight shed compared to YA-1. The commuter comes with a LED lights and is belt driven.  Hope this concept is mass produced.   Search