2012 Yamaha R15 spied again

Few days ago, we had posted about the new R15 which looked like a face-lifted R15 to be due in the year 2011. We still don’t have any kind of confirmation whether it is

Official: YZF R15 version 2.0 to be debuted on 6th September

We’ve been tracking the next-generation Yamaha R15 since the first spy picture made its way to the internet. Yamaha R15 is the indeed one of the best bikes in India, mostly because of its

Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 launched!

After seeing tons next-gen R15 spy images, Yamaha has finally launched its R15 Version 2.0. What a relief! While maintaining the proven ease of handling of the existing R15, the version 2.0 boasts elegant looks

Next-gen Yamaha R15 spied again

Yamaha India has been testing the latest iteration of R15 for many months now. We’ve seen numerous spy pictures of bike being road-tested and one picture was shot inside Yamaha’s R&D center. The bike

Front look of the new R15

few weeks. No updates on price yet, but rumors suggest that the new model will be Rs.10,000 cheaper, which is a bit doubtful, nevertheless, let’s keep our fingers crossed. Search tags:palsar400cc averaj, Apache

Video: New Yamaha caught on camera

Here’s a video of new R15 being tested on Greater Noida express way. The guy shooting the video seems to be more concentrating on the car doing 120kmph rather than the bike itself. The

More pictures of next-gen R15

Much has been said about the new R15 already. Here are few more spy pictures showing the rear portion of the bike. Many people complained about the slender, yet capable rear tire of R15.

Yamaha R15 v2.0 updates

gits. All the speculations will come to an end tomorrow. You can also watch the live webcast launch show officially introduced by Yamaha India Motors here. Search tags:yhsm-inucbr_001, r15 video download, yamaha r15