Ready to Fly? – asks Honda

Yes, get ready to fly! That’s what Honda is telling its customers through a teaser that is viral. It seems that Honda is teasing its clienteles a little on 12th June, 2013.
Now everybody is surprised as you are while reading this news, and we must admit that even we are as we have no clue about what it would be, but considering what Honda is famous for, we should be ready for a big surprise. Honda has always amazed its fans by their launches in the past too. Honda had launched CBR150R at the Auto expo and we cannot forget Dream Neo which was also awe to potential buyers in the volume segment.

The teaser has no clue of what it is going to be and this kind of curiosity is created when something with great importance is going to be launched. Actually, we are not even sure if it is going to be a new product or a revamped existing produce, but we can let our imagination loose and can assume it to be a CBR400r or the CBR500r. There is a reason that we are expecting either of the bikes as these bikes have been officially launched in Japan and US and as the teaser says these bikes can ‘FLY’.

Coming to the CBR 400r, it is equipped with a 400cc engine which produces 46Ps of power and 37Nm of torque and talking of the CBR500r, it sports a 471cc parallel twin motor which produces 55Ps of power. So both these machines can surely fly with these kinds of powerful engines.

Now, as we said earlier that Honda is an old hand in surprising its customers we can expect something else also from the brand, such as a scooter. If Honda does launch the CBR400r or the CBR500r, they will surely take the competition by a storm and make the Indian bike market more interesting.

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