Ownership review: Apache RTR 180 ABS

Hello readers. I am Varun Kini from Hyderabad, pursuing B.Tech in Electronics. I’m here to share few thoughts about my new ride which TVS launched recently, the Apache RTR 180 ABS. I acquired this bike about a month ago. When I heard ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), I thought that braking of the bike is superb; the tires would never skid, etc. But when I rode it for the first time on dry pavement, I didn’t actually feel any difference, but I’d seen the overview of this bike and had known that this would do a good job on slippery/muddy roads and in rainy season. The brakes do a great job as such.

Before buying the ABS version, I had ridden the non-ABS version of the same bike, and had loved its acceleration. Its acceleration is one of the main reasons why a person would go for this bike, and the other reason is of course the ABS. I’m new to riding and I managed to do a 0-60 sprint in 5.6 seconds. The looks of the bike is quite acceptable, but the handling is something that you don’t get to see on many bikes here. The handling may not be as good as the R15, but definitely better than Karizma ZMR, Pulsar and all other bikes available in this category. TVS has indeed used the knowledge acquired from TVS Racing in this bike. With a few modifications, the bike has great potential to be a total racing bike in under 200cc category. It weighs about 135 Kgs, which is very light for an 180cc bike and ensures good power & weight ratio. The light weight and the great chassis make it very easy to tackle a corner.

About the mileage, I covered 511Kms on about 13 liters of fuel, which translates to about 40 kmpl. The figures were before the 1st service and I hope to get 48-53 later on. The company, however, claims the mileage as 50 in city and 55 on highways. It gives better mileage than any of its contenders.
I hope my post helped you. Thank you for reading. Ride safe and always wear a helmet.

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