RE Thunderbird 350 Review By Cartoonist Nikhil

Hello readers. I am Nikhil Pai (a.k.a. Cartoonist Nikhil Pai), a 20 years old student (and freelance illustrator) from Mangalore, India. Apart from my interest in cartooning, I am a major fan of bikes and cars. I admit that I don’t have an in depth knowledge about bikes but what’s important is that I enjoy riding and enjoy every each and every single second spent on my bike. Some of my favorite car brands include Audi and BMW and not to miss the Mercedes. When it comes to bikes, it is none other than the Harley. I hope I will buy a Harley for myself some day. In order to have similar experience, but within my budget, I bought a 350CC Thunderbird TwinSpark (TBTS) six months back.

I’ve been riding this bike for past six months after apprehending for my Bird to get delivered. Before Royal Enfield ThunderBird, I used to ride a 2006 model Pulsar 150CC DTSi. I wanted to buy a new bike and I test rode many bikes available in the market and at last settled for the thunderbird. I test rode the Yamaha FZ which looked pretty good when compared to the Pulsar, but lacked the Pickup and Power which I was looking for. My next try was the Yamaha R15, which is a good bike, but a bit small for me as I am 6.2 ft. tall with a hefty build, and I felt the seating position to be a bit excruciating. I also rode the Royal Enfield Electra which has the classic bullet look, but when I rode the Thunderbird, there was a huge difference between these two machines. The two bikes had the same displacement of 350 CC, but TBTS came with more power, more pick up and handling was quite good as well. Apart from the things I mentioned before, the bike also suited my personality. The bike has a good balance between power and fuel efficiency. Riding position was comfortable for me and all I can say about this bike is that it is worth the investment.

My experience with this bike has been wonderful. I did face few tiny problems in the beginning, like an oil leak. On a long trip to Horanadu from Mangalore, I kissed 130kmph on this bird. The disk brakes are really great and saved my life many times. The best part is the this bike can be easy handled at high speeds and when you see some unexpected objects moving around (some fools), you can trust your bike to save yours + the fool’s life and have a very controlled deceleration. This was the main thing that was missing in my ol’ Pulsar, where you apply the disk brakes, and you go out of control in panicky situations.

The company claimed that the bike would deliver a fuel efficiency of 50 kmpl, but I managed to get 48 kmpl while on long rides and about 40kmpl in city riding. Royal Enfield has done a good job with pillion’s seat as well. My pillions always appreciate the cushion and the backrest which adds to the comfort of the pillion. I would suggest this bike to my own brother any day. Thank you for reading. Ride safe, wear your gears and hell mates all time. Do visit my blog

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