Pulsar 220 F gets a face-lift

With next-gen Pulsar launching in a few months from now, Bajaj has launched a cosmetically upgraded version of Pulsar 220 F. Pulsar 220 has been given a dual-tone color treatment along with an all new sticker job, which looks highly inspired from Honda’s CBF Stunner 125. We’ve received affirmation regarding no mechanical changes and the bike will be powered by the same old 220cc mill.

The upgrade and company’s recent move of not limiting Pulsar 220 sales to just probiking showrooms is a sign of Bajaj trying to exhaust their current-gen Pulsar stock. The next-gen Pulsar is expected to undergo a major overhaul and will be an all new bike featuring new 4-valved engines and chassis with better handling characteristics. The Pulsar brand was first launched in October 2001 and will turn 10 this year. We speculate the next-gen Pulsar to be launched in the month of October.

If you’re planning to buy a Pulsar, we suggest you to wait for few months. In case you’re not a fan of waiting, the face-lifted Pulsar 220 is already available in the showrooms.

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