Pulsar 200NS bookings kick-off

It’s been quite a while since Bajaj Auto unveiled their latest piece of engineering, the Pulsar 200NS. It has undoubtedly become the most awaited bike of the year. Handful of auto journalists have already reviewed the bike first hand and it has increased the expectation among bike lovers to a substantial extent.

The most trending question among aspirant buyers is, “When’s Pulsar 200NS launching?”. We aren’t surprised a bit listening to that question, and here’s the answer. The company has not officially launched the vehicle but, some of the dealers have already kickoff the booking. The company will price the Pulsar 200NS well under Rs. 1 lakh, which is of course not surprising again as Bajaj has always believed in value for money.

Booking may not have commenced throughout India, as it is not officially announced. Our source says one of the dealers located in Delhi has already opened the booking counter with a booking price of Rs. 5,000. The bike deliveries are anticipated to start in late April.

Stay tuned for latest happenings in the industry.

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