Price tag of KTM Duke 390?

Indians have been anxiously waiting for KTM Duke with their eyes wide open. The good news is the bike is launched in Singapore and all of us know that its next stop will be India. So hold your breath, the bike will be launched in India within a few weeks from now.
KTM has surely been a hit in Singapore as the bike is styled in a way that anybody would love it. Let’s find out the Prices of KTM’s in Singapore. A website listed on-road prices of KTM siblings which includes ARF (Additional Registration Fee) as well as GST (Goods and Services Tax) which is a part of the tiered-tax structure of Singapore.
• KTM Duke 200 :- 10600 Singapore dollars :- 4,67,007 INR
• KTM Duke 390 :- 11900 Singapore dollars :-5,24,105 INR

Now these rates mean that bikers in Singapore will have to shell out 5,24,105 INR to own KTM Duke 390. Which is obviously too high. Indians might surely be shocked to hear the rates fixed for these bikes in Singapore, but they don’t have to worry as we all know KTM will not be priced as per Singaporean dollars in India. There will be no similarities between the prices of two countries.

Now the question that is haunting reader’s minds is how much they need to shell out for the very sporty and powerful KTM Duke 390? KTM’s Duke 200 sells for approximately 1.5 lakhs on Indian roads which is around three times lesser compared to its price in Singapore. We can expect KTM Duke 390 to be priced around INR 2.4 – 2.5 lakhs in India. We are not sure of the price as it is not officially declared, but we can definately say that the price won’t be as much as that in Singapore.

There may still be a doubt among those who are reading this news, as how can the prices differ when the manufacturer is same? Well, there are many factors that have to be considered while pricing the product. It may be not only for bikes but also concerning other produts, since the products are priced differently considering the production source, country’s tax policies, competition, intended placement, expected sales etc. so, next time you see a price tag of a product in a different county don’t think it to be too high as you may get the product at a much lesser price in some other country. But bikes are different. You’ll have to buy it in the country where you live lest if you resort to import it may cost you more.

Now let’s see what you get for a price tag that is as much as INR 2.4 – 2.5 lakh? Well, you get a liquid cooled fuel injected engine fitted in a sporty looking naked body. That’s what KTM is known for a sporty looking powerful bike which makes heads turns.

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