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TVS recently launched the Apache 180 RTR ABS, a variant of RTR 180 with Antilock Braking System technology incorporated.

So what’s ABS all about? Is it just hype?

Antilock Braking System is basically a system which prevents hazardous wheel lock up by automatically modulating the brake pressure during an emergency stop. Like the disc brakes, ABS was originally developed for aircrafts in 1929 and later used for four-wheelers. Recently, the technology was included on two-wheelers. It enables the rider to bring the bike to rest ‘safely’. The system integrated on Apache is the latest electronic ABS. The technology is new and definitely not hyped and does exactly what it promises to do.

Does ABS decrease the braking distance?

According to recent studies, ABS offers improved vehicle control and decreases stopping distances on dry and slippery surfaces for many riders, however, on loose surfaces like gravel, ABS can considerably increase braking distance while bringing the vehicle to rest safely.

TVS has made no changes to the engine of Apache RTR 180 ABS. The bike is powered by the same old revvy 180cc TVS mill which powers the normal RTR 180, hence power figure remains the same. The ABS edition comes with new decals as shown in the picture at the end of this article.

Apache is a great bike to carry out stunts like stoppies. Keeping stunters in mind, TVS has included an ABS on/off switch, which will enable/disable the ABS function. So, once you switch the ABS switch to ‘off’ mode, the bike will disable the ABS system and enable the bike to carry out stunts. To be on safer side, the ABS system will be always switched to ‘on’ mode when keyed in.

The ABS system on Apache is similar to the one found on Honda CBR250 ABS edition, but the CBR doesn’t come with an ABS on/off switch and is costlier by Rs.20,000 than the standard CBR while the RTR 180 ABS is just Rs.10,000 costlier than the standard version, which makes Apache a better deal.

Is it worth to shell out Rs.10,000 more for ABS?

Definitely, ABS is a ‘must have’ technology for Indian condition, where rickshaws show up from nowhere and vehicles change lanes without any warnings. It’s a great technology to have in your bike and will surely increase the rider’s confidence. Being a long term investment, it will without doubt save your life someday.

The bike retails at Rs.93,000 (on road price, Hyderabad). Feel free to ask any questions using the comment form below.

Below are some more pictures:

Official video of the bike:


Images by Varun Kini 

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