No more Probiking exclusivity for Bajaj 220 duo

It is a headache for Bajaj customers with Pulsar 220s and Avenger 220s because they’ve to take their bikes to Probiking service centers only as they’re categorized as “exclusive” models, yet are no different in terms of technology compared to its smaller siblings. In fact, Pulsar 220’s engine is just a Pulsar engine bored out to its maximum capacity and Avenger runs on the same engine, which means any Pulsar mechanic is talented enough for servicing the bikes in question.

Bajaj has taken a note about this issue and has announced that all Pulsar 220 and Avenger bikes can be serviced at any Bajaj authorized service center. This is great news for customers to cherish as Probiking service centers are not present in many towns, yet. This will also bring volumes from customers who used to previously back out due to absence of probiking service centers in their towns.

On the other hand, this move can also mean Bajaj is making space and creating a launch pad for new bikes such as next-gen Pulsar’s and KTM Dukes which will require exclusivity.

UPDATE: We’ve received affirmation that apart from servicing, customers can also buy Avenger 220 & Pulsar 220 at any Bajaj showrooms across India. 

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