Ninja inspired Pulsar

Who wants a Pulsar in a Ninja avatar? Well, many hands may have risen, but fans may get disappointed that the option now is available for only Indonesian customers. Yes, the brand new Pulsar 200 NS is available in a green costume in Indonesia. It seems that Bajaj is quite influenced by their partner Kawasaki with whom the former has joined hands for marketing some of its products in Indonesia. Kawasaki may have persuaded Bajaj to adopt their famous Ninja color for Pulsar and we must say that pulsar looks quite gorgeous in Ninja costume, but the green that Pulsar is sporting is slightly darker than Ninja’s green.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is available in four shades – Cherry Black, Saffire Blue, Tosca Red and Mustard Yellow. But green is one more addition and looks delightful. The Indonesian model of the Pulsar was spotted on Pulsar’s Indonesian Facebook page. The bike is very similar to Indian models of the bike but the only subtraction is the saree guard (which is an Indian rule). The updates on the company’s Indonesian website indicate that the bike is ready to show off on Indonesian roads. Pulsar 200NS will be another member to the gang of existing pulsars i.e. Pulsar 180, Pulsar 220 and Pulsar 135LS.

Now there is one more reason for us to envy Indonesians – Bajaj Auto Indonesia has joined hands with Mr. Mechanic. Now readers might be wondering who is Mr. Mechanic? Well, Mr. Mechanic is not a person, but a local franchise that deals in bike shops as well as provides services for various bike models available in market. Now, after sales service for Pulsar 200NS will also be delivered by Mr. Mechanic. Bajaj customers of Jakarta and surrounding areas will not be left in a lurch in search of spare parts for their Pulsar 200 NS as the company has roped in PT Tunas Mega Spirit as a spare part distributor in Indonesia.

Well, riders who are yearning to have a look of this Ninja Pulsar, just cross your fingers and hope the company launches it in India also!

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