New Pulsars to be launched in September

Pulsar is a great bike, but let’s faces it, time has changed and the engine is nothing extra ordinary and so is the handling. After gaining precious knowledge about performance and handling from KTM, we expect Bajaj to launch something concrete. The bikes are selling great and a healthy 80,000 units sold per month supports the statement. Mr. Bajaj recently disclosed that Pulsar will get its most awaited upgrade in the month of September in order to keep the momentum going.

Although, he didn’t disclose whether it’s going to face-lifted Pulsar or with an all new engine, but after seeing Pulsar 135 and the way it handles, and keeping in mind that none of the iteration of Pulsars in past has been mere sticker job, we speculate Bajaj will incorporate 4 valved engines and newly designed chassis to the entire Pulsar range. The nextgen Pulsars may also carry a new design, since Bajaj has already declared war over Japanese manufacturers such as Yamaha and Honda, so they should have a design in par with competition. Also, all generations of Pulsars carry the same tank design since its first debut in the year 2001, so design makeover is long overdue. We can also expect the long rumored Pulsar 250 to be launched this year, but looking at the soaring fuel prices, they should mostly concentrate on smaller cubic capacity bikes, since that’s the segment which is quick-win as volume flow in like water and that’s exactly what they’re looking out for after setting an aim of 5 million units per month. However, launching Pulsar 250 will definitely give a boost to the already strong brand image, while also heating up the competition as Bajaj is well known to price its products with value for money buyers in mind.

On the other hand, Bajaj may also consider launching the new youth centric Pulsars while still retaining the current models, a method followed by majority of vehicle manufacturers in India. Whatever it is, let’s expect something rock solid from Bajaj. Stay tuned. 

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