Mahindra launches Centuro, bets big

Mahindra and Mahindra, with their SUVs like Scorpio & XUV, is one of the most popular vehicle manufacturers in the country. The Lexus for lease new york ny company is trying hard to make itself a place in the two wheeler segment. Mahindra two wheeler limited is the arm of corporate giant Mahindra and Mahindra, which came into existence after the company took over the failing 2 wheeler company, Kinetic.

The company has made some value for money power scooter range like Rodeo and Duro. Mahindra has also produced bikes like Pantero and Stallio, but the company did not get much recognition for their bikes. The company which is determined to attract the customers to their bikes has launched another bike called Centuro. We must add that the company had bounced back and this time and they are determined to get their competitors some wrinkles on their forehead.

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Mahindra has fitted Centuro with mean features that the customers won’t be able to find in any other bike, even from old hand manufacturers in this segment. Mahindra, the company which recently launched its most ambitious bike Centuro recently in the Pink City (Jaipur) is betting high with this product. Their confidence was very much evident throughout the launch. Mr. Anand Mahindra had himself flown down to Jaipur to be there during the launch.

Mahindra which introduced its power scoot Rodeo with fully-digitized console has boasted about being the first one to introduce this unique feature in the scooter segment. With Centuro, the company is doing exactly the same for the second time, it has offered some never seen before features. The features that Centuro comes with are:

  • Central Locking Anti-Theft System
  • Engine Immobiliser
  • Remote 128-bit encrypted Flip key
  • Find Me Lamps
  • Guide Lamps
  • Full-Digital Console

As we said earlier, these features are not available in any other bike placed in this segment. These surely are mouthwatering features. The owner of this bike can surely boast uniqueness. Apart from these special features, Centuro is equipped with the best technical tweaks like:

  • It is powered by a 106.7 cc 4-Stroke, MCI-5 Engine
  • MCI-5 stands for Micro-Chip Ignited 5-Curve; it possesses five ignition maps and we are told it adjusts itself according to the need of the hour, whether power or fuel-efficiency
  • It can churn out a peak power of 8.5 PS@7500 rpm. Peak torque is rated to be 8.5 Nm@5500 rpm
  • Though exactly similar to the mill on the Pantero, we are also told the mill on the Centuro will be less vibey.
  • Centuro possesses a lower saddle height than Pantero at 800 mm, but surprisingly it also boasts of a higher ground clearance as well. Centuro is 31 mm longer and 61 mm higher than the earlier offering, Mahindra Pantero.
  • Centuro returns an ARAI certified Fuel Efficiency figures of 85.4kmpl.
  • Centuro is definitely beefy-looking with those Mojo-inspired Torso-tubes but it is not bulky at all; 111 kgs is all it weighs.

Mahindra has styled Centuro to look very muscular with some Mojo (not yet launched) inspired neck tubes. With all technical specifications and unique features, the bike surely smells like some delicious ice cream and to add topping to this already tasty ice cream is the price. The company has priced Centuro at an unbelievable price of 45,000/-INR, and as the company which is known for some matchless marketing strategies has something this time too. The company has announced that the first 10000 bookings will get the bike at reduced price of 44,000/-INR!!!

The only roadblock that the bike would face before making it big will be that of it being untested. The company that it is about to launch as many as 10 new products, with at least 1 product per quarter is very ambitious and is ready to face any road block with a smile on its face.

After all “It’s Great to be Me!” that’s the bikes tagline. which actually justifies!!!

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