Low cost Harley Davidson spied in India

Attention please! A V-twin cruiser was spotted testing on Delhi roads! Is it Harley? It is true that Harley, the American company, has a very powerful fan following in India. It has been a dream of all growing up boys to own a Harley, but owing to the price tag, only few lucky ones could afford these. Harley bikes are not just bikes! They are considered as status symbols. When you ride bikes like FatBoy, Iron 883 and Street Bob, people just can’t stop turning their heads and yearn to have another look. Well, that’s the kind of impact that Harley has in India.

Harley, like any other bike manufacturer, considers India as a very important market and they are working hard to make their dedicated Indian customers happy with tailor made products. Rumors were making rounds sometime back about a bike that is tailor made for Indian roads with an engine capacity not exceeding 500 cc and with a much smaller price tag.

The bike that we are talking about was eagerly awaited since long, whereas the manufacturers had not translated a shape to the idea. Perhaps, they were satisfied with what they had already garnered of the Indian market and did not aspire to explore more at that time!
Moreover, those were the days when not many options were available in the Indian market and the option was Royal Enfield! But it is a fact that Royal Enfield then was not in a position to equip its cruisers with a bigger engine reminiscent to Harley. Looking at the growing demand for bikes, other manufacturers have since entered the market with vengeance with bikes like Aquila Pro cruiser, a smaller GV250 and Royal Enfields Café Racer which are making a place of their own in India! No doubt, it is high time Harley felt that they should wake up to the situation.

Evidently, it is proved that Harley, indeed, has woken up from slumber as there are some pictures clicked by a watchful Team-bhp reader which attests that Harley is working towards making a 500cc cruiser for India.

What makes us think it is Harley-Davidson’s bike? We are guessing it based on the V-Twin that looks more like the manufacturers symbol. The bike is styled the way Harley does it : the exhaust, handlebars, mirrors and rear shock show that they surely are Harleys. A detective’s eye at the pictures explains that it surely is Harley’s product.

What is your guess? Is it a Harley product that is under testing or a cruiser from some other manufacturer? Let us know through your comments.

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