Low cost bikes from Yamaha

Yamaha, the company that is famous for quality products like R15, V Max, R1 and not to forget the recent Ray, earlier expressed plans to produce low cost bikes. ‘Low cost bikes’! Well, as we know Yamaha, the first question that comes to our mind is how low? The answer is stunning, the plans were to sell those bikes for as low as $500 i.e. Rs. 27,000.

There were also some well made plans to export these bikes to some other potential markets around the globe which need these low cost bikes, but now the company that is well known as also famous for not cheap but quality products has explained that its intention was not to make just less priced bikes.  Mr. Hiroyuki Yanagi, President & CEO of Yamaha Motor said, “The cheapest bike is not our goal and there seems to be some misunderstanding. We try to make good products for customers, which includes performance and values”.

Yamaha takes great care about what they deliver to their customers; there are few things that are given priority when it comes to production of Yamaha products like styling, performance and safety. When the priority list is checked the next thing on the list is price.

Yamaha’s strategies to launch a low cost bike to conquer the rural market and also to conquer the 10% market share that it has been eyeing for quite some time now will surely make the manufacturer gain some brownie points. We heartily pray, that with its eyes on bringing cost effectiveness to its products Yamaha may achieve its aim to grab 10% market share by 2017.

This low cost bike for Yamaha is like hitting bull’s eye. Yamaha, like all other two wheeler manufacturers, has seen the potential that is trapped in the African market. The producer wants to cash the demand for bikes with lower price tags in these African markets. If Yamaha enters the African market, it would be giving tough competition to Chinese bike makers who presently are the only option that the Africans have and now dominating the market.

As we said earlier, Yamaha is the name for quality bikes; the producer has always given a mouthwatering products line up for its valued customers and is always working effectively towards providing continuously upgraded products for its customers. Happy customers make happy company, that is what the company strongly believes in.

Yamaha is planning to develop advanced technology and high value added business in Japan, its home country. It feels that local adaptation procedure could be carried out in regional centers like India. How many of you are ready to get ‘LOW COST’ bike from a manufacturer like Yamaha? Let us know through your comments.

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