Kawasaki Pulsar 200NS launched in Indonesia

Bajaj enjoys a great fan base in Indonesia who swear by the Pulsar brand. Pulsar 200NS has been selling in India for quite some time now, and the amazing value-for-money bike has been launched in Indonesia. The Pulsar 200NS was launched officially in Jakarta yesterday.
Technically, the Indonesian variant of Pulsar 200NS retains the same technical specifications. There are rumors making rounds about it being armed with an Electronic Fuel Injection system, however, the reports were wrong and the bike still breathes through a carburettor and retains the 3 spark plug technology.

The Pulsar 200NS is launched in Indonesia by alliance between Bajaj and Kawasaki, and hence is known as Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS. In terms of looks, Bajaj has worked a bit and given a great sticker job which makes the Indonesian version relatively attractive than the Indian version. Also, thanks to the Kawasaki and Bajaj alliance, there is also a Kawasaki inspired Ninja green color Pulsar, though it was not spotted anywhere during the launch, but sources suggest that it will be on the menu and the bike in this avatar has been spotted on multiple occasions.


The bike not only looks rich, but also has a hefty price tag attached to it – the bike is priced at 23.5 million Indonesian Rupaiah, which reckens to about INR 1.36 Lakh. This hefty price tag is on account of the import process that the bike travels through.
It will be an interesting game to watch who wins between Yamaha Lightning and Pulsar 200Ns.

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