Kawasaki Ninja 650R bookings paused until Diwali

When Kawasaki had launched its baby i.e., Ninja 250R in India, all were shocked looking at its price tag which seemed to be far above the ground. Again, when  news about the launch of Ninja 650R was heard, Indian two wheeler enthusiasts assumed the newer iteration of Ninja to disappoint with the lofty price, but that wasn’t the case. Kawasaki Ninja 650R was launched with a price tag of Rs. 4,57,915(Ex-showroom, Pune), which was unexpected and astounding.

The price tag of Ninja 650R was quite sensible, which in return generated a huge amount of demand for this machine. As soon as the bike was launched, Bajaj experienced huge amount of bookings. The company did not expect such kind of response and it sounds as if they have run out of stock and hence bookings are paused until Diwali.

This move may prove deadly for the company, as they have Korean brand Hyosung to give competition, which has also launched its 650cc bike in India. The next step regarding this matter will be vital for the company.

Can Bajaj keep up the same demand, even after they start booking? Do let us know your thoughts.

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