John Abraham unveils new Castrol Power1 and xBHP Biker of the Year campaign

When it comes to motorcycle engine oils and lubricants, there are just few names that can be trusted completely. Out of the few, Castrol is the most trusted brand by almost all motorcycle lovers. Recently, this company held an event in Mumbai with its brand ambassador to celebrate the occasion of re – launching their Power 1 engine oil. What is confusing is we never got to know that this product was off the shelf. However, the event was a celebration time with John Abraham, the Bollywood celebrity, unwrapping the new pack.

This product which was launched long back is synthetic engine oil made for 4 stroke two wheelers. The manufacturers assert that this oil with its formula is capable of making the oil flow faster, thus reducing drags compensating for higher power and acceleration.

Power 1 oil is available in 2 different grades i.e. 150w-40 and 10w-30, which are available in 900ml and 1 liter pack. You can also choose from gold pack and star pack, though the price and difference between the two variations is not revealed yet, we are hoping that the company makes the official announcement soon.

At the same occasion, John Abraham, who is known to be a passionate biker himself, announced the launch of the Biker of the Year campaign, which is sponsored by online biking travel portal xBHP in collaboration with Castor Power 1.  This contest is held to bring out the hidden talent trapped inside Indian bikers and honor them. The winner of this contest will be declared on the basis of the votes by the selection panel and public.

There will be 10 winners in total representing each category namely:

  1. Biker of the Year
  2. Fight-Back Biker of the Year
  3. Bike Customizer of the Year
  4. Angel Biker of the Year
  5. Motorcycling Club of the Year
  6. Female Biker of the Year
  7. Freestyle Biker of the Year
  8. Track Racer of the Year
  9. Wanderer of the Year
  10. Rally Rider of the Year

Voting will continue till 15th September and the winners will be announced by the end of the same month, so vote for your favorite biker immediately and make them win this prestigious contest. The event was not wrapped up before John made the official launch of a book titled Bikers Code of India. The contents of this book are crowd- sourced from bikers from all parts of India. What makes this book so special are the quotes which motivate the bikers and make them passionate about their love for bikes.

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