It’s orange day tomorrow

KTM, a name that instantly comes to mind when we think of sports, is supporting and promoting sports riding in India. It is obvious that there is no other color other than ‘Orange’ that can relate to racing better than KTM. Orange day is a special way to celebrate biking. This is going to be the second orange day, and the first one was held at Pune few days ago.

The good news for Mumbaikars is that this time the orange day is held at Mumbai and it’ll be happening tomorrow, i.e. 8th June, 2013. All you have to do is reach Inorbit mall parking, Malad by 6.00pm and witness some racing by Duke Owners and some non-Duke owners also. The visitors can also witness the showcasing of KTM’s RC8 and a stunt show.

You don’t have to be a participant to be there, so have a look at some heart throbbing action going on and just have fun.

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