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It was really a ‘Kando’ feeling for Yamaha as well as its customers. Before you are confused, Kando means a “simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement” in Japanese. To keep the Kando moment going on, the company has unveiled their second product for the always rising Indian vehicle market. The new baby of Yamaha is christened Ray Z and also holds a new slogan “Revs your heart”. This version of Yamaha is totally sporty, and is not only for ladies like the previous Ray (which was considered a ladies scooter). Now the tall dark men can also use Ray technology in a sporty new package (we do not mean that fairer men cannot). Not only the new Ray Z, Yamaha also launched two new bikes in the same inauguration ceremony, SZ- RR and SZ-S.

Now Yamaha feels it has placed a magnet in their showroom which will attract the youth brigade towards them. Some decades ago, all the guys, no matter old or young, had a scooter to his possession, but now the trend has changed. People have shifted focus from scooters to bikes. This changing trend surely made scooter manufacturers worry.
Yamaha claims that Ray Z is different from other scooters such as Dio or Mahindra’s Rodeo. Let’s find out how? Yamaha has learned from its past experiences and made Ray Z more special and sporty. The scooter now flaunts a new smoked windscreen, and you can see the same material over the headlamp as well. Coming the grab rails part, Yamaha has designed a new wing shaped grab rails made up of aluminum, they have used aluminum, may be because it saves weight and at the same time looks stylish and sporty. As we said earlier, the scooter is targeted for male customers, and in order to make its target achieved, the company has designed the scooter to look like a bike. There is a new instrument cluster with a carbon fibre background, and the designers have used faux carbon fibre everywhere. Last comes the looks, and Yamaha guarantees that the heads will turn to have another look at this scooter. So, totally this scooter is the best thing to have happened to the scooter industry till now.

Let’s see how much power the scoot has in store? The engine is the same as of Ray. An air cooled 4 stroke 113cc mill with continuous variable transmission that produces a peak power 7.1Ps@ 7500 rpm and a peak torque of 8.1Nm @ 5000 rpm. Other details are not known as the scoot is not yet available for test ride.

Yamaha Ray Z is priced around Rs. 2000 more than Ray i.e. ray costs around Rs46,500 whereas the new Ray Z has been tagged for Rs 48,555/- (ex showroom), and you can also choose the new Ray Z from 4 colors. Let us know which one did you like.

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