Honda to launch 125cc scooter


Operations at R&D centre of Japanese auto major, Honda, is already in progress. Its main purpose lies in developing more fuel efficient bikes to satisfy the market demand.

Post break-up of 26 year old joint venture between Honda and Hero, Honda is determined to move to the top from the current fourth position in terms of market share.

Times when the demand for vehicles with high fuel efficiency is at its peak, Honda has some plans to launch some more fuel efficient models in the near future. The firm has not revealed anything about what its new range of models will feature, but India is sure to get a 125cc Honda scooter, which is currently progress.

Honda Motors and Scooters India (HMSI), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda, currently sells 110cc scooters under the brand Aviator, Dio and Aviator. These models have already dominated the Indian scooter market and the launch of 125cc scooter with better fuel efficiency compared to competitor’s products in the segment, which is currently dominated by Suzuki and Mahindra, sales figures of Honda are sure to boost. We expect the launch of 125cc scooter in early 2012.

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