Honda rumored to come up with CBR 300R

Honda is doing everything possible that can take it to the higher position, be it updating models, introducing new models, customer service or to produce what its customers want. It is like walk in to a Honda showroom and you can buy a bike from any segment, and there will surely be a bike of your choice and style there. Honda has struggled hard to get to the no. 1 position in the two wheeler category, and since it is there, it has to make efforts to be there. The company which already has CBR 250R, 400R and 500R in their portfolio is probably considering of producing a 300cc variant also. This guesswork has been started from a Thai forum, which has spy shots of Honda’s 300cc model. The pictures that are viral, clearly shows there is no much changes comparing it to the 250 cc model, and it is quite similar. This makes us think that experts at Honda are just replacing the engine, and getting it to compete with the now grown-up Kawasaki Ninja 300.

The picture is not clear, but the bike being fitted with a 300 badging is sure. The market for 300cc bikes is growing massively and with Honda producing this bike, it is going to be a good option for bikers. Now it is countdown time for Indian bikers as Honda may soon introduce this new 300cc bike to Indian market in the next few months.

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