Honda launches Activa-I

Ready to fly! That was what the teaser read which kept us wondering what is going on the minds of an auto giant like Honda. Finally the company revealed the best kept secret about their new product. Honda finally launched a ready to fly scooter Activa-I on 12TH June.

Honda the company which always believes in customer satisfaction has divided the scooter market in three categories i.e. Moto Scooter, Family Scooter and Personal compact Scooter. The company which has a very strong presence in the Moto Scooter and Family scooter segment is entering the personal compact scooter segment with this Activa-I. Honda adds that the Personal compact scooter segment contributes to 25% in the overall scooter sales in India.

The auto giant has made the scoot considering the likes and dislikes of both their male and female customers. But as the scoot is light in weight and compactly designed it can be said that it will be more liked by the fairer sex. Its pretty looks are another reason that we feel will make it a women centric vehicle.

Activa –I has a 109cc engine which produces 8bhp of power and a maximum torque of 8.74Nm at 5500rpm. Customers can choose their Activa-I from four metallic shades namely Beige Metallic, Alpha Red Metallic, Purple Metallic and purple Sunbeam White.

There are loads of other features that the new Honda Activa-I is popping up with like:
Activa-I Features & Imp Pointers:
Activa-I comes with Honda’s Eco Technology
It returns a mileage of 60kmpl
Combi Brake System (which Honda claims reduces the braking distance by 24% than conventional brakes)
Tubeless Tyres
Viscous Air Filter
Storage capacity of 18 liters
Maintenance Free Battery
It weighs a light 103kgs
Higher ground clearance of 165mm

Honda also says that they have designed the grab rail ergonomically which helps the rider put the scooter on main stand with 15% lesser force.

This new scoot is priced at Rs. 44,200 ex-showroom Delhi, which makes it Rs. 3000 lesser than Activa. Honda which enjoys more than 50% share in the scooter market is already a market leader in scooter segment. This Activa-I is going to raise their percentage in the market share. What do you think? Will this scoot be able to give tough competition to other scooters available in the market from other manufacturers? Will it be able to garner the same attention that Activa attained? Share your views through the comment form.

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