Honda CB Unicorn now enjoys 6 months of waiting period

Honda’s fully owned subsidiary, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI), tasted success back in the year 2000 when they entered the scooter market with Activa, just after Bajaj claimed the scooter market was dead.  The market wasn’t dead indeed. After their success in the scooter segment, Honda experimented the bike segment by launching a fuel efficient 150 cc commuter bike, Unicorn. The experiment was successful and since then, Honda has launched various products which are in huge demand, so much that demand is more than supply. Of course, the demand doesn’t come as a surprise with the quality of products which roll out of Honda’s factory.

Now, with festive season nearing, demand for these vehicles has shot up rapidly. Honda Activa has already been enjoying waiting periods exceeding 4 months for a very long time. Bad news is that Honda’s CB Unicorn has joined the bandwagon too.  A customer will have to wait for six months before he can lay his hands on his CB Unicorn. The reason behind more waiting period is not the supply, but the demand. Recently, Honda launched a makeover of Unicorn called Unicorn Dazzler, however, they decided to retain the older model as the newer model gained attention only among youngsters. Unicorn Dazzler, which is actually powered by the same mechanical as CB Unicorn is available for delivery almost instantly.

In order to cope up with the enormous demand, HMSI’s recently opened plant in Rajasthan is expected to go full steam to reach maximum capacity by December this year. Also considering HMSI’s ambitious plans to become no.1 in the 2-wheeler segment, they’re going to open many plants in the years to come by and that should ensure free flow in the vehicle delivery department. As of now, we feel that waiting for 6 months just to get hands on a 150cc motorcycle is too much, considering equally good or even better products exist in the market already, either it be scooter or bike.

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