Hero Honda to be re-branded as Hero Moto


After the Hero and Honda split, you might have wondered what the name will be. Hero Bikes definitely sounds lame. Anyways, first time after the split, the company is making some news(apart from launching different iterations of splendor every now and then) regarding the name change. The brand name, Hero Honda will be re-branded as Hero Moto. They obviously can’t have the word ‘Honda’ in their name since they’re not together anymore. The company has already submitted an application to RoC for change in name and is under process name availability checking. Once the name is approved by the Registrar of Companies (RoC), the company will officially implement the name (after receiving a green signal from shareholders).

Hero Honda Moto is planning to spend around Rs. 200 crore for the rebranding process so that people around the world are aware about the new brand name. The company’s existing model Passion, Karizma, Splendor (+, super, nxg, blah) & many more will be renamed as Hero Moto Passion, Hero Moto Karizma and so on, once the name is officially implemented. It will take time for customers to get along with the new brand name, but people will get used to it as months strike off their calender. Remember, even TVS was called TVS Suzuki once upon a time. Anyhow, the new name, Hero Moto, definitely doesn’t sound cheesy, does it? Let’s wait and check out the new logo of the company best known for their sticker job.

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