Duke 350 and Pulsar 350 slated for the year 2013

While Bajaj fanboys are chering the launch and unveil of two new models, KTM Duke 200 and Pulsar 200NS, the company wants to keep the celebration going on as Bajaj is planning to bring in two bigger machines, one from KTM and the other from Pulsar, which will be powered by a 350cc engine. If rumors are true, KTM Duke 350 will be followed up by the Pulsar 350 in the year 2013.

Once the 350cc machines are out, we can expect bigger iterations of KTM and Pulsar in India. According to the source, we can expect a 750cc Pulsar in the year 2014-15. Bajaj Auto Managing Director, Rajiv Bajaj, wants to lift the Pulsar brand to the peak. Sharing the development process with the KTM has helped Bajaj Auto raise the Pulsar brand to the top.

This is what Rajiv Bajaj had to say about his future plans, “We share the same development process with KTM, so you can expect there will be ‘a much bigger Pulsar’ next year, because we think the market is at an inflection point (at the premium end) and we are in a good position to take advantage with these two brands. There will be a 350 cc Duke next year, so you can expect something similar with the Pulsar next year. And going forward, in 2014-15 there will be even bigger KTM and even bigger Pulsar. I think this strategy of KTM-Pulsar acting together in the sports segment is a valid strategy anywhere in the world not just in India. We will look at leveraging this in many of our overseas markets in Latin America, Africa and South East Asia.”

The new Pulsar 200 incorporates Perimeter frame, which is similar to Yamaha’s Deltabox chassis, which should pretty much solve the handling issue previous generation of Pulsars had. Looking at how well the new Pulsar is crafted, the brand has a long way to go.

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