BMW-TVS to launch a 250cc bike

All the bikers out there are waiting with their fingers crossed to find out the outcome from the TVS -BMW partnership. Now the wait is finally over, and the partnership has resulted in a sweet fruit, a 250cc bike. This is the first product launched under their joint venture. The market is waiting with open arms to welcome this much awaited product, it is expected that the company may produce two or more slightly different models of the bike that can be marketed with different identities. Now these partners are playing smart with this idea as they are saving the cost of producing and developing many different bikes.

It was quite wise idea by the two brands to join hands, as on one hand we have TVS, which has only Apache to its success list, and on the other hand we have BMW, which has a 650cc bike as its smallest offering. With rising havoc in economy, recession as well as rising gas prices together has reduced the demand for these BMW superbikes. Ideally, TVS wants to produce a higher powered bike and BMW wants to reduce their power and make smaller bikes with affordable price tags. So, both the companies joined hands to overcome their deficiencies and conquer the rising biking sector (it is rhyming rising biking). Let’s find out how these companies together are planning to grab the market share.

250cc-650cc bikes has always been hot cakes in the industry, and there is always a market for these bikes as bikes in this category bikes have plenty of power to make the rider happy, and meanwhile it also makes the buyer happy (being pocket friendly). A 250cc bike is considered a premium one in Indian market, and the same bike is considered a learner’s bike in international market. So, these bikes have market globally.

Both the companies are expecting high sales figures with the new bike joining their portfolio, but it is not yet announced as to which segment the bike will accommodate to. Will it be a sports bike, a tourer or a naked monster is still a mystery, but we all know that a fully faired bike will sell very well in the Indian market.
TVS has announced that this bike will be launched by the end of this financial year, and with BMW on board with its inputs, customers should be ready with cash to go grab the bike. The quality is expected to be in par with BMW products.

So how many of you are willing to buy this bike? Let us know using the comment form below.

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