Bajaj working on full faired Pulsar 200



Bajaj Auto recently unveiled the all new next-generation Pulsar 200NS. Some people criticized Bajaj’s decision to go with a naked design, even though the bike was liquid cooled. Well, Bajaj is going to answer all those people will a full faired version of the next generation Pulsar 200.

It’s no surprise that full faired bikes are able to turn more heads than a naked bike could possibly do. Indians love fully faired bikes, and a fully faired bike with enough muscle for Indian roads and Pulsar logo with reasonable price tag is something which an average Indian craves for.

Bajaj has confirmed that they’re working on a full-fairing version of Pulsar 200NS, which will mostly probably be branded as Pulsar 200FS. We can see in the above rendering that fairing on that Pulsar 200NS doesn’t look bad after all, but of course, the final product may look drastically different and may be better too.

The Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is the second generation of the Pulsar, a major upgrade that comes after 10 years of its foray. Using a 200cc, 4-valve engine with triple spark, the bike is able to produce 23.5 BHP of power and 18.3 Nm of torque. The whole package weights 145 kgs and does100 km/h from stand still in 9.8 seconds while reaching a top speed of 136 km/h. Performance wise, the Pulsar 200 FS should be more or less the same.

Coming to the cost, it would be reasonable enough to price it Rs. 5,000 dearer than the naked version. Let’s see how Bajaj surprises us this time.

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