Bajaj Pulsar 2012 updates

While the entire nation is awating the launch of next-gen Pulsar, Bajaj has come up with a teaser for the launch (teaser link at the end). It’s confirmed that the bike will be unveiled on January 30th, 2012. The next-gen Pulsar is claimed to be 100% brand new and will come with a best in class technology that is supposedly better than the current DTS-i technology, or as Mr. Bajaj would like to put it as

“I am confident that the new Pulsar will be the most stunning sports bike in the world. It is also my belief that as much as DTS-i took the market by storm, the new technology in the Pulsar will shake up the market this decade,” Mr Bajaj said.

It must be noted that the bike will be ‘unveiled’ and not ‘launched’ on 30th. Taking a look at the spy pictures, we suspect that the new Pulsar will be poor man’s KTM. It is said that the new technology will be debuted on Pulsar and will slowly drip down to Discover series, being faithful to company’s focus on ‘innovation for mass consumption’.

Liquid cooled high revving engine with light weight chassis at an affordable price is what fans are expecting from Bajaj. Keeping KTM 200’s price tag in mind, if ever the new product to be launched is Pulsar 200, we expect the price tag to be in the neighborhood of Rs.75,000. Let’s see how far Bajaj takes this game.

You can view the teaser by clicking here.

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