Bajaj Pulsar 200NS reaches dealerships

We’ve written a lot about the new Pulsar 200 NS, and the only question which remains to be answered is the launch date. Bajaj hasn’t given any strong indication about the launch date. Previously, we had written about Bajaj training dealership staff on servicing front, which indicated the launch must be in near future. Well, the launch date is nearer than you think because the bike has already reached many of the Bajaj dealerships!

The above picture is the new Pulsar 200NS on display at a dealership in New Delhi. Bajaj has sent out invites for 14th May, which is tomorrow, where in which they promise to launch a new bike, which we think is the Next-gen Discover, which was again caught testing previously. Next-gen Discover is said to retain all the Discover traits, but will have added features such as mono-shock, which will be quite an interesting feature to have on a bike which falls under perfect commuter segment.

Hopefully, Bajaj will also let us know the price of Pulsar 200NS. If priced below Rs. 1Lac ex-showroom, the bike sure has potential to inflict sleepless nights to other premium segment bikes.

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