Bajaj Pulsar 200NS launched in Pune?

KTM showroom in Pune has started informing customers that they’ve started taking bookings for the all new Pulsar 200NS.

According to the folks at showroom, the on-road price of the bike in Pune will be Rs. 90,000 and the deliveries will commence from this month. It’s pretty hard to believe the price tag, however, the news is coming from a Bajaj flagship dealer and knowing that Bajaj is taking the phased launch approach, the news seems credible.

At Rs. 90,000 on-road, Pulsar 200NS provides immense value for your money. There’s no official announcement, so we’ll wait for that before declaring anything. Also, the price difference between Pulsar 220 and Pulsar 200NS is very meager, so if the above pricing is right, we can expect Bajaj slashing 220’s price tag by a substantial number.

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